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I just modded my Focusrite but i think i might have to pull the trigger on a 192 i read they have Burr Brown in them as well.
Which Focusrite interface did you get modded and where? I noticed the Black Lion Audio mod some of the Focusrite Saffire interfaces and replace all the op amp's (amongst other tweaks) to improve the audio quality of all the inputs and outputs. I'm very tempted to get mine modded once the warranty has run out.

Originally Posted by Lakebreezeaudio View Post
Its a pretty impressive list of things the 192 has usb 3.0 Burr Brown 85 DB software controlled class A pres and a software channel strip.
Yes it does look impressive but I really love my Audient Mico preamp that I use with the Saffire Pro 24 DSP. I've used the X-Max preamps in the StudioLive and had a Presonus Eureka and whilst they are all very good I still find the Mico the best performing preamp I've tried (though the differences are subtle). I've found I've not needed any more gain than the Mico offers on the various dynamics I've used. Also, I've read in various benchmark tests the Focusrite Saffire has been one of the better performing interfaces regarding latency etc and beat all the current Presonus interfaces.

The Studio 192 does indeed look very promising for an all in one interface at that price! It looks like it has a great feature set (apart from lack of midi I/O) and the specs "on paper" look good.