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Simply 'adding transformers' to get some 'vibe' is an unpredictable exercise as it will depend on what is FEEDING the transformer, the transformer itself and the 'load' that the transformer is sending into.
You should then appreciate that having lots of different gear 'feeding' and 'loading' and the fact there are thousands of completely different specification transformers available the chances of finding a specific selection to 'create' the sound YOU want is near impossible.
The original Neve modules were at least 'consistent' in tone so if you have 2 or more that 'sound' different to each other, it suggests they are in need of repair.
The transformers used on the 1073 and other Neve modules have a standing DC current through them and have different characteristics to other types that do not have DC on them.
Also note that when feeding some transformers (particularly line output types) the impedance drops drastically at very low frequencies when the core starts to saturate with the result that some output stages, particularly those using ICs, can go into current limit (self protection) and the 'sound' of this can be horrible.
Matt S
HI, thanks for your detailed explanation, there's a lot of things going on here that a novice in this area like me needs to understand a lot more.
You get these guys on ebay selling pairs of utc transformers already wired to 1/4" jacks...and quite expensive....stating get these strapped across your equipment for instant iron vibe....

l have a valve amp that I want to make balanced and if I got a tad of iron vibe in the process might be a bonus depending on material

cheers Louis