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Old 13th February 2007
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Now something i noticed. Im using a behringer Eurorack mixer.

Im wondering if the lame ass preamps in the tascam are degrading the sound.
OK these are the 2 points that caught me here!
#1 Behringer makes everything sound distant and simply "NOT GOOD"

#2 The tascam pre's are surely not the best, but if you are on a budget so be it.

#3 KEEP IT SIMPLE! Can't you just bypass the Tascam thing as a recording unit? If you need to use it as a pre-amp use it as a pre and go directly to LOGIC instead of having all these tranfers from this to that.

#4 How far is the mic from the cab? Where are you placing the mic, on the edge, towards the cone? How far from the cab is the mic?

#5 How does the amp sound to your ears? Is it the sound that you want? If so then the trick of the game is to capture that sound with the mic in the right place.
If the amp sounds "just ok" then that is all you're gonna get...

#6 What kind of amp, guitar and pick-up are you using? What kind of Cab and what is it loaded with?

Can you post us an MP3?