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Hey Guys,
Got caught up this weekend looking at new interfaces and I'm stepping back a bit to get some perspective.

My question is now:
"Do I REALLY need a new audio interface??"

Here's my setup that has been stable for quite a few a years:

-ProjectMix I/O @ 48k 512 samples 24bit in Ableton Live 9beta
-TI FW PCI card
-i7 OC'd stable 16GB RAM W7 64bit
-Yam HS50
-KRK 10 Sub (but I dont use this since my "studio" got downsized to a 10x11 box :/)
-Senn HD600 with HD650 cables
-Basstraps and foam used moderately but it did nothing for the standing bass waves from the I really just use the HD600s
-UAD2 Quad PCI
-produce electronic, no instruments in but sometimes a vocalist

So I've been enticed before by interfaces (RME Babyface was the last but despite their rep for drivers, it was wonky in my setup with cracking even at a stable 50us) in hopes of getting lower latency with the newer interface. Now, I'm looking to get better sound quality out of my monitoring set up.
My question though is do I really need a new unit?
Am I really going to notice that much of a difference between the sound of the project mix and something like the Crimson or id22? I can here the diff in my mixes between 44.1k and 48k...but nothing after that, not at this point.

Thanks for your input!!
Wow. Your situation is a lot like mine. I was on Projectmix in my old room that was quite good(17' x 12' front wall, with nonparalel sides that went out to 13' on the back wall & exposed wood rafters on the ceiling). Great infact. I moved and my control room went into a 11' x 12' bedroom(I had also switched to ff Saphire pro 24, pretty lateral move). I also have been on vxt's, but the 4s, with the 10s, which I've since sold.

It was a tough transition, but I solved that problem with a ton of Owens Corning 703. Filled the front corners, put big 6" think panels behind me and of coarse first reflections. Cost about $500. I still want to get some Sofit bass traps from GIK, but the room is pretty good.

I also went from the ff to the Audient iD22. The Audient sounds a lot better. The clarity it had is amazing compared to both ff and project mix. So yes you will notice a huge improvement going to Audient. Definitely address the room acoustics to really realize that difference.

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