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Old 13th February 2007
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well i gotta say you guys were definently right with the trying of the small amp

I took my 8" ibanez downstairs for the heck of it. What did i have to lose?

Its like night and day!

Looking back i think my problem with the 4x12 was 1. i couldnt crank it enough and 2. i couldnt move the condensor back far enough to capture all the sound of the amp without getting too much reverb (going back to 1)

i use the blanket trick over this thing and its full thick rich tracks

So...tmr..retrack some songs..then...soldering gun comes out, mods will be thinking of throwing a 12ax7 in place of the clipping section, or atleast in it to cover up its harshness

figured id find this thread and thank you guys for your suggestions