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Analogue vs Digital Part 2 - (Diva vs OB8)

A new test finally finished!

Nice and simple - can you tell which Synth is Diva and which is the OB8?

By the way - Synth A and B are the same in both videos - so final answer is simple A or B - enter the poll!

Some of you may remember the previous test last year.

I started comparing back then in 2014 and have been working away since. The previous song test I posted in 2014 was just a part. At the time I threatened to post another test and finally here it is-some of the individual sounds and also another song test because why not. I started these tests with the idea to demonstrate the differences and but its actually difficult to pin down because they are not always consistent and slight differences in parameters can throw you off. I have more thoughts about this which I may write about later if anyone's interested.

Some of you may complain that I have not done individual A/B but I like doing it like this because Im not trying to ultimately settle the issue (which IMO is very difficult and subjective), but just explore it for myself and challenge what people may think. If you really want to test yourself you can download the wav files, cut them up and put them in an ABX software.

I ended up spending so long taking sounds from my OB8 that I decided I should make a preset pack so people can have the sounds with custom GUIs - and the thread about that is here.

Song Test Wav

A/B Test wav

I look forward to the answers

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