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Originally Posted by funka View Post
Thanks Matt.
Could you also make the same 3 loops at 44.1kHz with that wav file please?
So we can compare the results with all others...Thanks.
Yep.. Here are the files.. I've included the Difference Maker text file results as well. Which shows that the closest match to the source is the Pure2 Loop and the Forssell DA into the Pure2 AD with these results...

Pure2 Loop

0.009dB (L), -0.002dB (R)..Corr Depth: 36.3 dB (L), 37.9 dB (R) Difference: -56,0 dBFS (L), -56,9 dBFS (R)

Forssell DA into Pure2 AD Loop

0.007dB (L), 0.039dB (R)..Corr Depth: 36.3 dB (L), 37.9 dB (R) Difference: -56.0 dBFS (L), -56,9 dBFS (R)

The results only tell you part of the story and only accounts for one aspect of the conversion "accuracy". Musicality is another thing entirely and you need to use your ears for that part.