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Yeah, but it's a transitory thing.
DAWs will adapt their GUIs for multitouch.

Yes it's nice to have everything laid out in front of you, but it can also get messy.
When doing bookkeeping if you could have a key command to find that paper receipt and place it in the folder, you would use that.
A key command for that stack at the edge of the table to come to where you're sitting without getting up would be handy too.
There's things that are handy about the old ways and there's things that are handy about the new ways.
The trick is to get organised and do as much work possible with as little effort possible.
I went from two displays to one when I had to start working on both a desktop and a laptop.
Getting my show hide markers and window configurations organised is one of the best things that ever happened to me, engineering wise.
IF you're organised and in control of your software, You can get everything you want to see in front of you on one screen effortlessly, 95% precent of the time.
There are times where it's handy to have a second screen and when I get my Touch Screen I'll keep my 23" LCD just for that purpose.

However, I working with track show/hide markers combined with window configurations much more powerful that when I just put my edit screen on one diplay and the mix on the other.

I'm sure there's ways to do so on Cubase.

Opening and closing things with your fingertips is exactly what we do in the physical realm.
I guess the trick is to make it mentally easy to know where everything is.

But I'm not at all in the know about the state of Cubase, so I can understand that if you hate their mix window you would prefer to have a touchscreen interface for that that's different and, more importantly, better!
Maybe Dtouch could add a customisable dedicated mixer view that is not an overlay but just built from the ground up.
Just for the users, like you, who think the your DAW mixer could be improved.

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