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Don't get me wrong, I really like Dtouch - it's as good as the Raven software, and the fact that it's not tied to buying a particularly expensive monitor makes it the best solution on the market.

Having said that though (and this you may agree with as it covers the limitations you mentioned in your comment), I would have much preferred if Dtouch had been built in its own window rather than being an 'overlay' over the top of the DAW's mixer window. Not only would this have helped to avoid bugs during the 'alignment' process - but it would have allowed for a much better GUI that doesn't have to sit within the limitations of the DAW's GUI. I believe this would have been possible by having the application send commands to the DAW in the same way that an external hardware controller would (which I think is what DTouch currently does anyway).
Not sure if you are aware, but as far as I know, the alignment is now automatic -- at least that is what I see on OSX.

I see what you mean by having a completely separate window for DTouch that does not need to be an "overlay". It might make things faster (wouldn't require re-syncing... but would require a lot more programming, I suspect -- as DTouch does not affect the entire interface -- instead, it is really the faders, mutes/solos. pans, and the added functions along the bottom.

So, if you had a touchscreen system, that was it's own window, what functionality from the DAW would you want it to entail?