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sitting close to a 42" monitor which is running at 1080p - is actually terrible. You are effectively quadrupling the pixel size compared to how the image would look on a regular 22" monitor - pretty much cutting the image quality in half.

I beta tested Dtouch for cubase using a 24inch touch screen monitor and I had absolutely no issues with fat fingers / touching small buttons etc. So, while I'm not recommending using a monitor that small, it goes to show that it might be unnecessary to stretch the image out to 4 times as large.

The whole point of large monitors is for extra screen real estate without having to shrink anything. If software needs to have large buttons for touch screen use - the developer needs to draw large buttons, you shouldn't be lowering your resolution to make these buttons larger.

I think that 4K resolution is perfect for a 42inch screen sitting up close. Any less is a strain on the eyes trying to read text at such low res