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Considering a Touchscreen System?


The only software-only solution out there that provides an excellent solution for turning a DAW into a "mixing console" is DTouch, from Devil Technologies. DTouch is similar to the software portion of the Slate Raven, and it has support for Windows and OSX, and two DAWS so far -- Pro Tools and Cubase.

Of course, because it is software only, you'll need some hardware... read on.


I went with a 42" Insignia LED/LCD TV from Best Buy, because I wanted something rather large, but not too expensive. The 42" was chosen over a 40" because Best Buy offers a 5-year "in-home" service agreement on TV's 42" or larger. NOTE: My research found that Insignia is made LG.

There are TV's out there in the 24" - 55" size that are 1080p. But, please keep in mind that while most computer uses of a screen seem to be better with a higher resolution, with a touch system, that is not the case -- because your "cursor" is your fingers, and you cannot scale the size of your fingers. Plain `ol physics, there.

I chose to use my touchscreen mounted at a 25 degree angle, so my secondary screen was not too high, yet the angle of the touchscreen was not too shallow. You could try anywhere between 15 and 45 degrees (the Slate Raven is at 40 degrees).
NOTE: Someone recently asked me about a general issue with touchscreen use called 'gorilla arm syndrome' -- I do not experience issues with my arms, anymore than I would with a real console. Note the pic in my posts (the one to the left). Years ago, I experienced "gorilla arm" issues while using an old CAD system with a lightpen... but that was because the screen surface was vertical. So, don't use a touchscreen that way (like some people seem to first assume)... use it more horizontal, like a mixing console.
For test purposes, I used some stiff foam pieces underneath the monitor to prop it up at various angles, on a flat table surface. Once you are happy with the angle, you could build a simple frame from wood to prop it up in place.


I had collected some info for another GS'er a few months back, about the dealer in China, who can sell PQ Labs G4S and Zaagtech XSlim frames, and a US dealer.

I have a Zaagtech XSlim v5, and the V6 is supposed to be faster (there might even be a newer model now).

DTouch officially supports the PQ Labs G4S, so that is what I recommend going with now. Although I have been happy with my Zaagtech XSlim V5, and you can save some money with the Zaagtech XSlim, it is not officially supported for DTouch.

Peau Productions
PQ Labs G4S, 40", including 3mm tempered glass, starts at $631 (several months ago):


Pricing PQ Labs G4S 40" Overlay IR Frame(you will have to ask for a current quote):
  • Basic version is 6 points touch, and 40" 6 points we can give you $513
  • Standard version is 12 points touch, we can give you 40" 12 points of $581
  • Plus version is 32 points touch, we can give you 40" 32 points of $705
NOTE: I would not get hung up on getting too many touch points -- you only have so many fingers. Also, more touch points can slow down response. I would suggest going with 6, or 12 at the most.
Shipping cost is $60 to USA without glass for 40" size -- using a heavy duty cardboard shipping tube.

NOTE: Get the tempered glass for the frame made at a local glass shop. You can get the edge polished, too -- ask you local shop what they offer.

They will allows PayPal payment, but they ask you to cover the PayPal fee. They will also do Western Union. Ask what your options are.

Here are links to the G4S drawings:''Assembly.pdf''Assembly.pdf''Assembly.pdf''Assembly.pdf''Assembly.pdf''SAssembly.pdf''Assembly.pdf''Assembly.pdf''Assembly.pdf''Assembly.pdf
Company/Sales Info:
Tel: +86 (0)158 0517 2700 (China),
Skype: vanessalovejob
E-mail: [email protected]
[email protected]
Alibaba Showroom: Nanjing Defi Software Technology Co., Ltd. - Computer & Networking,Industry & Business
Official Website: Interactive Floor | Floor Technology | Surface Technologies | Interactive Projector | Interactive Floor | Interactive Wall | Interactive Tables
NOTE: I have been very happy with the way Vanessa and her sales/support crew have helped me, but because of possible language barrier issues -- to help avoid confusion and frustration:
  • Be very succinct in your communications.
  • Use numbered bullets for your questions.
  • Ask for each of the numbered points to be addressed

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