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Ah sorry TLB, my route is analogue out of my desk, into the Motu converter - signal shows fine in the Motu LEDs, it converts to SPDIF into the PCM80, the input LEDs of the PCM 80 show it's receiving a digital signal from the Motu (100% digital input) and I use the Lexicon analogue outs back to the desk to monitor. The analogue inputs on the PCM80 don't work at all.

Happened again this morning, when I first turn everything on, this setup works fine then without warning (or changing anything) the analogue outs from the PCM80 stop working, even though it's still receiving - and showing it's receiving - an SPDIF signal from the Motu.

Thanks again for your time,
Steve, this sounds like a relay or FET blown related problem, take the lid off, look at the back of the unit and see if any parts are looking worse for wear, like resistors Caps and Fets etc. Photo's also help!