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Here for the gear

I am sorry if I confused our readers and friends here. I meant no analogy to cell phones whatsoever! In my mind, I was thinking, kids nowadays have cell phones, not land-line phones just like car manufacturers can not be stamping cars of old! Process improvement is a great perpetual thing! I realize that Shure has the beta series with the neodymium magnet series and that is good. I owned the beta 58 until I realized how muddy it was when I A/B'd it with a Sennheiser e835. There came Sennheiser e855 afterwards and there went the beta 58. The SM? Oh Gosh!!!! who keeps that??? I don't care if all the magazines in the world call it the world standard. NOT IMPRESSED!!!! it is a dinosaur! On another note, I just tried the highly touted and hyped MIKTEK PM9 against my lovely Beyerdynamic TG V70d, and shipped it (the PM9) back very quickly. Too much hype for nothing!!!! It does not even hold candles to the Beyerdynamic TG V70d. For my (soft) voice, the Beyerdynamic TG V70d sounds better than the Sennheiser e965, the e935, the Neumann KMS 104, the Miktek PM9, and the Beyerdynamic TG V96c. The Beyerdynamic TG V70d is the sleeper of all microphones worldwide hands down. And I am not getting anything to say this. I actually bought 2 of this german made hyper cardioid dynamic microphone. I will use it on my next gig with a windscreen! Try it!!!

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