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Interested in feedback on the above song written last summer which I have been trying to get published.
Albert Luck
Agree with someone else's verdict re: the intro.

Honestly, I think you'd get more impact from 2 bars drums then straight in with vocals and guitars.

It's a great irony of intros, that a 2 bar intro can be twice as good as an 8 bar one - and I'm writing as someone whose had intros go from 8 bars, to 4, to 2, each time with someone saying "you should shorten the intro", and each time thinking "****, you're right".

Absent an insane hook that distinguishes the intro from the verse, oftentimes all that happens is that, by bar 8 of an intro, the listener has heard the same basic elements repeated 4 times, and is already experiencing mild listener fatigue by the time the vocals finally arrive - which is why, I guess, a lot of chart pop has brutally short-but-effective intros.

Just my 2c. Keep up the good work!