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Old 8th August 2015
Yes, I intend to keep my 1080 & XP80 and just basically try the JX out to see if I'll like it. I think it's so fascinating with all the gear hate, especially focused on Roland. Became very evident this morning when I stupidly googled for comments on the JX-305 - "nothing to see there, folks" - 10 times out of 10 I tried diss'ed gear I came to the conclusion it actually was great stuff; happened with Aira, JP80, Gaia, and the list goes on. Great products all the way. I've even collected an MC-303 just because I'm quite certain it's not that bad. :-) I guess the truth is that we who make our own sounds (& form our own gear judgements) are easily outnumbered to the preset junkies who come in thousands. 99% of all the Roland hate out there is false.

As for PWM I'll get back with my findings, taking a synth break in front of the TV right now. But in short, I'm not really there yet, my PWM experiments are a bit so-so; they sound musically pleasing but not as good as my Alpha Juno, not as good as my D-20 & D-50 either; but it's very fun experimenting to see what the JV engine is capable of. As for ring mod / FM-ish sounds it gives great results.

BTW: A number of years ago a guy on the net generously shared a pack of like 10 TB-303'y patches using Structures + boost to create dist'ed 303 sounds. As far I can remember these were excellent. Does anyone have them / know where to find them? Would be fun to try them out again. I had them in an earlier 1080 which unfortunately was sold - never doing that mistake again.

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