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Except if you need low latency then it's all RME.
There are several threads going ATM regarding the Audient devices with regard to latency, especially under Windows, and not a single peep from the reps, who do post here.

Not a good sign.

RME has a long proven track record of supporting their devices, writing extremely good, stable drivers and so forth.
Best pre-amps in town?
Probably not, and certainly not boutique, so it all depends on what you need.

For the price, it can't be beat. Certainly a super solid device, built like a tank and supported by a long time well known and respected company.
Hmm what kind of latency issues do you speak of in regards to the ID14?
Is this just a windows driver issue or does it affect OSX aswell? It's the first i'm hearing of this and am about to order the ID14 most likely.