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Need a new audio interface.... what are you using?

Hi there first post!...... *deep breath*

I'm currently upgrading my home studio. I've just retired my 9 yr old imac and replaced it with a brand new imac. The audio interface I have used for the last 8yrs is an M-audio FireWire solo. Great at the price point. The new iMacs no longer have FireWire so it's time to upgrade the interface. I really liked the Firewire solo for its very low latency so I'm a bit concerned about a USB interface as I don't want to have to deal with any perceptible latency.

How do folks here find USB interfaces these days? Is latency an issue?
I record one track at a time and everything goes through a mixer so I only need a stereo pair input to the interface.

The one I'm leaning towards....

Native Instruments Komplete audio 6

Nice price, (£169) good reviews and the bonus of midi in out (not essential for me but nice to have)

Just seen this though.....

M-audio delta bolt 1212

Available next month and thunderbolt! £299
Thunderbolt is very tempting as I'm used to a FireWire connection and the quality should be very good.

If I had the cash I would probably get this.....

Universal Audio Apollo twin solo. (£500-£600)

Seems absolutely perfect. Thunderbolt and quality mic pre's. I don't think I intended spending so much but maybe this is worth saving for? Will it blow away the Native instruments Komplete 6?

Anyway that's where I'm at. What do you guys use and have you any experience of the units above? What should I look out for? As someone that hasn't upgraded their setup for a looong time I'd really appreciate your thoughts.