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Not sure I Understand?.....Erm are ... you are saying that the PCM-80 shows analog outs on MOTU Meters though no metering in the unit itself? You might need to explain you're set up a touch more.....let me know!

Ah sorry TLB, my route is analogue out of my desk, into the Motu converter - signal shows fine in the Motu LEDs, it converts to SPDIF into the PCM80, the input LEDs of the PCM 80 show it's receiving a digital signal from the Motu (100% digital input) and I use the Lexicon analogue outs back to the desk to monitor. The analogue inputs on the PCM80 don't work at all.

Happened again this morning, when I first turn everything on, this setup works fine then without warning (or changing anything) the analogue outs from the PCM80 stop working, even though it's still receiving - and showing it's receiving - an SPDIF signal from the Motu.

Thanks again for your time,