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Thanks TheLastByte!

I fear it's a technical issue. I set it up with a standalone converter, the Motu 2408 receiving a send from my desk, converting and sending to the PCM 80 spdif input. I set the input to 100% digital (the analogue really doesn't work, nothing shows on the PCM 80 LED when connected with the analogue input set to 100%/dig 0% despite it showing on the Motu input when connected there)

Set to digital the LED lights up showing an input (ext 48k) and the analogue outputs work fine - in fact I managed to record the reverb for a drum room. Without me changing anything though, the output disappeared. The input still shows and I've changed nothing on the desk. When I turn everything off and setup again, it seems to work fine, then goes off.

I'll have to get it looked at...very frustrating. Maybe I should save up for the m300! quite pricey used here in the UK though :-)

Not sure I Understand?.....Erm are ... you are saying that the PCM-80 shows analog outs on MOTU Meters though no metering in the unit itself? You might need to explain you're set up a touch more.....let me know!