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Old 30th July 2015
I've been wanting to try out Acustica's stuff for years but there were always some things stopping me:

- I keep hearing that Acustica's stuff is super buggy and inefficient CPU-wise. Is this still true (i'm on a a mac)? Also, no AU's for all your products in 2015 does not look good.
- Their website is not clear and intuitive. Not good for prospective customers to find some things out without spending some time searching through stuff. Most of the info seems out of date or irrelevant for most people just looking for some info on how the plugins work.
- The 3D renderings of the plugins are silly and the lack of actual screenshots make no sense. I can't even find a single screenshot of Nebula to see how the interface works. Why on earth would you spend all this time (and therefore money) on making all these detailed 3D renderings that are completely useless to most people?
- The different versions of Nebula seem pointless and just add to the confusion to prospective customers.

If you go to any other plugin company's site you rarely see this level of obfuscation. While i'm sure the technology is impressive and sophisticated, they are failing really hard in some very basic ways. I keep hearing how awesome they sound, but right now I wouldn't touch them with a ten foot pole as i'm not convinced that they are a responsible and professional company. A lot of that would be mitigated by a website with clear information on it....