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Old 30th July 2015
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i have a few acqua plugins as well as nebula now.

the murano and magenta...well i have both, i find murano difficult to use.

Comments on here and other forums about how the compressor's controls are wonky and then subsequently working hard to find a sweet spot are true.

Magenta i didnt care too much for either. I have the UAD massive passive. It works a little bit more like the hardware i imagine. But the tone of magenta is better. But then again ive never used the hardware so i really have no idea. I did think the filters on magenta were kinda terrible.

I also own blue, amber, and the red is free but it doesnt work in logic at all.

They are all great. Blue is amazing but the latency ruins it for me.

Now i also own Pearl. That eq is stunning. Ive never heard anything like it.

But if you want to try some great compressors in the meantime, get nebula and try the compressor libraries from tim petherick.

I got the Blue mu Comp/Limit and the LA3a he did. they are really nice.

the Blue mu comp on the mix bus works better than the acqua comps as far as im concerned, and just about any algo plugin ive heard.

the new klanghelm mjuc is also really great from what ive heard.

Back to Titanium...I own that as well. Its easier for me to work than murano but i do wish, like others have said, that it had a side chain filter. but that's not in the hardware.

The latency also kinda ruins it for me as well, unless youre just mixing, as i like to compose and mix as i go.

Just my two cents. doesnt mean im right about all that.