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Some tremendous information on here, always great to read posts where people know their onions....

I have had the little brother, PCM 80 for many years the analogue ins/outs are now not working (could be one/both) though the digital is fine when hooked up to a computer. Is that a usual fault, probably to do with the internal converters and therefore irreparable?

Hi Steve,
Thank you for you're props etc! Hmmm? This sounds quite odd? The Digital In/Out is working fine though no Analogue Inputs or outs. Quite often the reason is either simple or serious....I.E Op Amps blown on the In/Out Analog Circuit, though to me this sounds like the unit has been set in "Digital Mode".

1. Flick through the Control Pages
2. Find where Analog + Digital is
3. See if the PCM-80/81 is set to Analog Only - or Digital Only (It sounds like it's set to Digital only)

4. Switch to Analog and see if a Signal come in, then hit Digital (You can use both inputs/Outs at the same time I.E S/Pdif and Analog)
5. See if the PCM-80 when in Digital is switched to EXT or INT as it's clocking source (Usually external is the routing)
6. The PCM-80 will also look for Word Clock - In Digital Mode You can always and easily create a Bodge RCA 75 Ohm to XLR 110 Ohm Cable and the Digital will see "CLock" also make sure EMP or Emphasis is switch to OFF

7. Here is where I think your problem might lay - When In Digital mode the Engine of the PCM-80 has to supply both the Analog and Digital Inputs/Outputs etc. So here is a Subset of things to try:

7. A. Clear the Error log for CRC and Sample Lock.
7. B. You need to share the Analog + Digital Signals equally. This means either 49% Digital or 51% Analog or 99% Digital or 99% Analog.
7.C. As you might now guess, your PCM-80 might be set to 99% Digital, this would mean no room or level or function for Analog Signals etc.

8. Re-Adjust the PCM-80 so it's either Half Analog + Digital or Digital + Analog. Try 99% Analog ........No Check if the Analog In/Outs are working? (As Digital will not)
If they are.....that was the problem!
If they not.....that means a deeper diagnostic.

Hope that works......Just go into Control Mode on the PCM-80 and Adjust!
Do let us know how you get on!