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Ross Hogarth
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Hi Ross,
Am I to understand that you mix the 2 buss otb and the stereo through the HEDD? In over dubs, To you go through the HEDD? Any more insight to your stereo conversion, overdubs etc. and The Lavry and the HEDD's role in that.

not trying to mimic your set up, just figure that you have had the opportunity to try many and I am curious what you have chosen as a consensus. I'm thinking stereo converter upgrades and would welcome your impressions.
I use the Black Lion as my ad/da to my compression/eq eq chain on my mix buss
I used to use either the HEDD or for somethings I had EVH's Burl
but after much going back and forth
I use the HEDD more like a mastering engineer as the last in the chain D-D for its mild tape and tube distortion
it seems to give me a nice little last saturation on the mix with some nice harmonics

when i am over dubbing
since my rig had modded avid I/O by Black Lion
my A/D is super cool and I do not need to use anything external

I have never owned a Lavry but have used them and they sound great
as does the Burl .. but for my rig the Burl was too thick
since I am using passive transformers/the Obsidion that has transformers/ mastering Pultecs that have tubes and transformers ...all amounting to a nice load of iron and tube .. so when I added the Burl into that equation
it was just too thick ..
even the little touch of HEDD color sometimes I back off depending on the material ...