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For that price you can get a real plate or an AKG spring or both, both of which destroy the bricasti or any digital verb as far as pure euphony (or euphonicity?). Versatility is another issue, but I like awesome one trick ponies rather than presets. I'd much rather have a mellotron with three sounds than a digital workstation keyboard with infinite sounds. Or for the price, turn your basement into a chamber. I have heard a couple of shootouts with EMT 140's vs bricasti plates, and while they sounded similar enough, the random analogueness of the plate just made the music so much sweeter rather than just being an effect. May have to do with the electronics, but damn if that 140 doesn't send chills up my spine.
funny I remember seeing early Bricasti vs 140 videos and thinking the exact same thing..until I got an M7 in my room and shot it out with my own 140.
I'm totally a fan of the random thing but damn,after using both units side by side for a few years now I can say without any hesitation the Bricasti is different and equally as amazing.
indispensable in fact.often the plate for the traditional plate thing and the Bricasti for any spatial room enhancements or short non lin types.kills every plug in in existence.
killer combo.
also on any given day depending on room temp,humidity,random gear grems etc the plate can change sonically.
in this day and age,not always good for demanding super fast recalls.