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With Jim Kelter it is very much about capturing his first performance. It will be the most inspired and you better be ready. We pretty much wanted the record to start out bone dry and get more "wet" as the songs progressed, the final track been "God Give Me Strenght". That song was recorded a year earlier at Right Track in NYC.

We used studio 2 @Ocean Way. I put jim on a small riser with some baffling around the kit. Mics used were
Kick RE20 and FET 47
Snare Shure 57 and AKG 451 underneath
Toms 421's
Hats KM84
Overheads 251's

Room Mics were M49

Recoreded through the Neve and moderate compression on the kick and snare.

It was recorded to 2 inch at 30 ips, Dolby SR.

I do not remeber trying anything unusual on him, his uniqueness is what you have to capture so as i said already, make sure that first run through you are in RECORD.

In the mix I may have used more of the room mics as the songs were mixed. Interestingly enough we mixed the album in sequence, which is not typical. Its a great record and made in 5 weeks top to bottom. On top of which the World Cup was playing and EC and I had to watch those games. Even Burt got into it.