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Ross Hogarth
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I started as David Lindley's guitar tech and he gave me some of my earliest opportunities to engineer and be more than a tech
David Lindley and El Rayo X hold a very special and dear place in my heart
The band became more than a band to me, it was family.
The first record was produced by Jackson Browne as a favor to Lindley and mostly engineered by Greg Ladanyi ( a legend)
I was just a pup and a sponge but I knew what the sounds were supposed to sound like
My most important lesson from back then is if it sounds good in the room
it was the the engineers job to translate it
if it did not sound correct out in the room no amount of engineering can fix that
and if it does not sound great in the control room and great out in live room, somehow what you are doing is causing that translation NOT to happen
Lindley is a tone merchant and I learned a lot of ear training being around him and the guys that he was around
I learned a lot from him, Ry Cooder, Lowell George,Jackson, and that gang back then
it was a fundamental time of my life ...