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Ross Hogarth
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Thank you so much for doing this Q and A! Speaking of reverbs, what reverb plugins or hardware pieces do you find yourself using most frequently these days? Also how do you process your vocal reverbs to get a lush sound that sticks out in a mix? My reverbs seem to sound great in solo but are lost in the full mix.

Thank you!
i use 2 Bricasti's, my old AMS, a couple of old tube spring, a 2016, H Reverb, UA ..plate/224/250/RMX ... Altiverb, Revibe, sheesh a bunch
whatever works that day really
I look over my list and get nutty when I am looking for reverb
i get bored easy with reverb
I'll open an Altiverb and find something I've never used and then Eq it to be what I want
H reverb is great to mess with
the UA plate works everytime I need a plate, the UA RMX is incredible ..

I dont know man .. maybe just turn it up if you want to hear more of it ??

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