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Since you have used the last 20s section of the wav file from my DAAD loopback test, the level of the difference between the copy and the original for both your copies can be compared to the ones from the ADA8200 test and the ID22 test (also using insert returns) for my DAAD test, when they are measured also on the last 20s section,. Here are the RMS null levels:

Your test of iD22 --> AD8200: -41.2 dBFS (L), -43.7 dBFS (R)
Your test of iD22 (Insert Returns): -53.1 dBFS (L), -52.7 dBFS (R)
My test of ADA8200: -43.0 dBFS (L), -44.1 dBFS (R)
andyfromHH test of iD22 (Insert Returns): -42.6 dBFS (L), -43.7 dBFS (R)

So your iD22 unit seems perform much better than andyfromHH' unit. Please, could you do the DAAD test with your iD22 from the full sample ?
That's pretty interesting, even tough my clip clips at the end?
Note that I used output 3-4 on the Audient, bypassing the digital volume control (the big know), perhaps that is a factor.

Here is my iD22 loop-through, full clip:

Also did iD22 DAC feeding the ADA8200 ADC(/preamp):

And the ADA8200 DAC feeding the iD22 ADC:

I'm missing a 2nd ADAT cable now so I can't do the ADA8200 loop-through just yet. Also can't check if the ADA8200 performs differently when the iD22 is used as master clock. I will do that soon (for some reason they didn't send my new cable in the same package as the ADA8200)