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Ross Hogarth
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Thanks Ross!

I have a Sta-Level as well and it stays glued (ha ha) to my bass bus on 90% of my mixes, unless I need it for a problematic vocal and then I swap it for my La-2a reissue.

One last question, do you have any favorite settings on the Sta-Level for bass? I find I like Double mode at the fastest or one click down from fast on the recovery time the best. I also find myslef hitting the Sta-Level a bit harder than I normally would the La-2a and it sounds great.


you a smawt mahn ..

i actually use single mode and its either 1 or 2 cliks from fastest
and yes
the sta level can do loads of compression as far as the meter is concerned and you never really hear it or perceive it too much ...
and on bass
the extra lo end glue it gives is un matched