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yeah, I felt the one18 was much more neutral, better imaging, better bass compared to C7. while I liked a lot the midrange, bigger sound of the C7, I much prefer the one18.

I think in the Harbeth family, the 30.1 should be the one included in this test. Id love to have audiovisjion include the 30.1 to the test.

Why have you settled on amphion over the Harbeth 30.1, Karloff?
At the time I was inbetween the 30.1 and PSI A21's and went with the PSI. The went to ProAc100's and then to Amphions. I am ridiculously happy where I am, but the way I see it now is if I had gone with the 30.1 at the time I likely would still be there. And also ridiculously happy......