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The M7 is IMO by far the best reverb unit ever made. I have some Lexicon reverbs including a 480L which is great of course but the Bric is more then a reverb, it's a real game changer.. I was a co owner, manager and chief engineer at DB studios designed by Neil Grant which was by far the best live room/ drum room in Tel-Aviv, I've left it a few years ago to open up TanTan mix and mastering room and missed my live room..! Until I've got the Bric ! I was able to recreate the sound of DB's live room with it and even to top it without paying monthly rent for a 150 square meters space in the center of Tel-Aviv !! Nothing I know doesn't even come close to a Bric for adding air movement around an instrument.. Same goes for its amazing hall algos, plates, CD plates and Nonlin.. IMO the Bric is the most powerful mixing device in my studio (or any) because when doing it right you can fake great sounding spaces very reliably to the point where the original acoustic environment doesn't really matter anymore.. I hope I'll have 3 more Bricasti's in the future

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