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As you'll often find me saying around here, this stuff is really subjective. I like mine a lot. But if the Bricasti doesn't work for your sense of aesthetic, then it doesn't. That's fine. Don't waste time worrying about where you are going wrong. Sell it on and buy something that does do it for you and get on with making great music. (I've done exactly that with numerous things that other people love and which just don't do it for me from bac 500 to distressor).

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I just recently purchased this and you know what....i almost liked my PCM 91 a little bit better. Now don't get me wrong the M7 is pretty amazing however there is a huge learning curve that my feeble brain is having trouble overcoming. So i'm just curious what everyone here thinks of the M7 is it a good buy or is it a waste of money and you could go to ebay and get a PCM 91 for 800 dollars? I admit, at least my PCM 91 had ONE PRESET that I always used and I loved that preset (Hall + Medium Stage). I have yet to find a favorite preset on my M7. But hey you know I'm glad to at least own it. I can't complain I suppose.