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the drums were my regular drum setup at Rumbo Recorders at the time
finding the right snare for each song
all the snares were mainly deep 6 1/2 x 14 because of the lo tuned guitars
and changing the kik out for Rowboat because thats a huge sound .. a 28" kik drum
all the drums were cut in 4 days

the guitars were the challenge
all the songs were dropped way down in the keys of A and B and even one in G
This makes the guitar like a bass
so I played around a lot with guitars and string gauges to be able to be detuned and stay in tune
also the speakers
I used T70 celestions instead of vintage 30's because they held up better to the lo end and distortion
the cabs were mainly Rivera and Bogner 4x12
I also used whats called a los lo bottom that you cant find because there are only a couple made
this is a subwoofer for guitar that helps move extra lo air
i used a wide selection of heads from my modded Marshalls, Rivera , Bogner and an original 5150
then we would use little combos for the weird little overdubs
i recorded all the guitars with a blend of a 57/421/ royer 121 or 122
i blend all the mics to one track
I do not keep the mics separate
I make decisions and commit

i am very proud of my work with Coal Chamber
I think it still holds up today ...
This was priceless!
CC were one of my fav band and that sound was and still is
absolutely awesome, def a reference for me