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Maybe you just really like the 'old Lex' sound. Certainly nothing wrong with that.

And just because everyone else loves something doesn't mean you have to.
Yes to the above quote. I've used an M7 once. It was impressive and I liked it a lot. But I've spent much more time on Lexicon 480's, 300's (own one myself), PCM 70's, 42's, etc. I'm a big fan of the sound of Lexicon reverbs, and for that matter, EMT plates and 250's. I've just spent more time on them. Some of the EMT 140's that I've used have probably been my all time favorites. If I spent some more time on the Bricasti I'm sure that I would dig it some more. It's a good reverb, but if Lexicons "speak" to you then get some!