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Old 22nd July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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I've known Bruce since before the the first record
in 1984 when I was an asst eng. He's a lovely guy and yes a perfectionist and one unbelievable musician. I made 2 other really great friends off that record
His drummer John Molo from those early records is one of my best friends still today
and his guitar player George Marinelli , who now plays with Bonnie Raitt, is also one of my dearest friends
those guys were great and they have a legacy of music behind them too

we did part of the first record at Rumbo. Huey Lewis was around was a great time because we had no idea that the record would be best new artist
then the next record, I assisted Neil Dorfsman .. and then the next record they did with my buddy Don Gehman, whom I worked with on Mellencamp and REM
I have utmost respect for Bruce
I actually did live sound for them when they opened up for the Grateful Dead at Laguna Seca in 1988
the very first time that Bruce opened and played before the Dead
that actually was when the Dead filmed the Touch of Grey video at the show at night
That one show, and opening for the Dead
lead to him being a member of the band for a while
I think he was the best musician on the stage for the last few weeks of the dead reunion .. he's been part of that with trey from Phish

the only thing that drove Molo crazy was the drum machine on the first few records
that was the 80's and everyone thought drum machines were cooler than real drummers
finally when they made Hot House and Harbor Lights
Bruce let Molo loose to be the amazing drummer he is
on those 2 records, they made those in his home studio in Virginia and the comfort and looseness shows
they are my fave Hornsby records
I actually think that there is great record out in the future for Bruce ..he's just too good a musician and vocalist to not figure out how to make his epic great record where it all comes together again once and for all
thats my 2 cents