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Hopefully the image link below works, posted from my phone.

The image is from the frequency sweep generated by my Velodyne subwoofer, playing through my Digidesign RM2's with the sub on mute.

The RM2's were made by PMC and are roughly the same size cabinet as the AML2.
You can see a peak at about 40hz, then they are down about 6db at 33hz, so I guess that's classed as useable frequency response.
1. -6dB (or whatever) at 40Hz or 33Hz is a BIG difference.
2. low resolution in-room measurements are pretty useless in this case, that's why speaker manufacturers measure their products in anechoic chambers.

I can produce a graph with a 40Hz peaks similar to the curve you've posted with NS10s in the right room and the right spot. Still doen't mean NS10s deliver usable output at 40Hz.