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...Very few label mooks even expend the effort to bull**** ya about it anymore. They just explain/justify the prejudice based upon the old "nobody can/will suffer for the dream NEARLY as hard after 25".

well that's closer to what i was saying, and in fact I think that's unusually HELPFUL, and self-aware, as label advice goes.

In my experience, instead of saying THAT, which actually makes some sense... they tend to say "well the AUDIENCE doesn't want 40 yr old bands" whcih I DON'T think is nearly as true.

the AUDIENCE doesn't care mostly... they just want to LIKE it, whatever it is.

it's the scared middle-aged A&R weasels who are terrified that THEY are already out of touch with their audience who then pass that fear on to YOU in the form of being afraid to go to their bosses, or the audience, with anything not much younger (and thinner) than THEM.

you know, "the kids like this..."

but, the reasons don't help that much.

the prejudices are still there.

Every band needs to prove they can do it mostly on their own these days in order to get signed.. and you'd have to prove it in spades to overcome the inherent resistance to your age.
They will RIGHTLY believe you don't want to spend the next 3 years sleeping in your van in order to make it.