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Old 19th July 2015
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Prism Titan or MH LIO-8 as Monitor Controller

I'm currently using a Burl AD for my primary recording channels and the DA in my Dangerous Source for monitoring. Both are connected through an RME UFX. I'd like to upgrade the UFX and I think I'm going to go with either a Prism Titan or a Metric Halo LIO-8, assuming MH gets their PC-USB act together.

My question has to do with the volume controllers built into the Titan and the LIO-8. I can't seem to find much information, other than they're both digitally controlled analog. Are these using motorized pots or switched arrays of precision resistors? Or something else? I've googled my fingers to the bone and I just can't find this info.

If they are both just pots, then I would buy a high-end monitor controller, such as from Grace or Antelope or Dangerous or Crane Song or maybe even Sound Skulptor.

If one of them is a switched resistor array providing accurate left-right tracking, then I may just get a passive monitor switcher. I use 4 different sets of monitors for various purposes.

Would someone please give me accurate info about these units?