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I recently used an EV 635a dynamic omni just peeking over the BD's rim, player side, looking at his knee.
I felt it picked up a well-balanced image of the kit.
What amazed me even more is that - although it's known as a rather bass-shy mic - there was plenty of hefty and clean BD "whomp" available after applying some, admittedly massive, EQ. (Cubase channel EQ, "low shelf 4" with the Q maxed out, gives a Pultec-ish curve with a dip right above the boost.)
I tried the Daptone/Motown position several times, and with different mics, but always missed something.

@those using a single Coles from above: how low do you come down towards the kit?
I love that little ev635a. You're right, just eq in the bass you need. I like to do it with a pultec clone *after* going to tape. really brings up the harmonics. Like you mention, the dip after the bump can smooth out the mids.

I have a project coming up where we're going sounds ala Dylan's "John Wesley Harding". The ev635a is going to see alot of action.