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Old 18th July 2015
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I have tried doing mono with a coles OH and kick and snare mics, but it is so much better with 2 in recorderman setup, even when doing mono. Recorderman is awesome for taming cymbals (which most drummers abuse, because of their damaged hearing) and the dark ribbons even more so. I like to mic the kick and snare both with 57's. The 57 sounds great up close on the batter and boosted around 3k, depending on the drum and heads.

Really there is no standard formula you can follow for every kit, as they all very quite a bit. But you can have your base, the ribbons in recorderman, and 57's on kick batter and snare, then go from there. That's always been a solid go to for me, and works in stereo and mono. But I have found just a little panning is better than just straight mono.