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Old 18th July 2015
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Sorry for reviving this thread, but it showed up when I was searching for this issue and it contains no answer.
I recently moved my trilogy.dat to a SSD for faster acces and the Spectrasonics Trilogy bass plugin was obviously no longer working because of the file path change.
Well, after digging a bit into the issue with some of my debugging tools since I have some reverse engineering background, found that all you have to do is this (PC Version):

1. Go to HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\Trilogy
2. Click on the registry entry named "Value3"
3. You will see some hex characters for which the registry editor also shows the string equivalent, which is the path like in the picture below

4. Just edit that and change it to your current path, click OK (for me it was just a matter of changing G:/ to F:/)

IMHO the solution is similar to other Spectrasonics products.