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Old 17th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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sample rates can't help a bad song or singer .. haha
neither can your clock or converter
just sayin .. ok got that out of the way

sample rate is easy
I like 96k for most things but if you are one of those engineer/producers that likes to record 140000 tracks and takes
go down to a manageable rate
plain and simple
44.1 is just a little closed off for me but its just fine in the end too
I don't get to caught up in it
but for hi track counts
88.2/96 is a nightmare still

clocking and conversion
clocking I have to get something off my chest
I hate the sound of the Big Ben
there .. i said it
It makes the rig sound awful
bad voodoo if you ask me

my fave clock/converter is the Black Lion
and the Antelope Audio clock
I had an Antelope for years until recently
also Lavry is just fine
the Crane Sone Hedd 192 is awesome and has the extra added bonus for color
my rig in my studio are modded brown avid hd by Black Lion
with an external Black Lion and a Crane Song Hedd 192 also
I'm using now the amazing internal Black Lion clock
I no longer am using external clock