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I finally took delivery of my Geithain RL944Ks yesterday. After living with a set of RL940s for just over a year (which I loved), I really have to say I'm completely blown away and shocked at how the RL944Ks sound. These things are everything I could ever want in a monitor, and more!! I was expecting that they would be noticeably better than the RL940s, but I wasn't expecting it to be like this! Incredibly revealing, deep subs and smooth rich sounding highs - and the amazing Geithain 3D soundstage. If anyone reading this has ever contemplated getting your hands on a set of these, I whole heartedly encourage you to do it - you won't be disappointed!!! I honestly can't put into words how incredible these things sound. Immediately I can hear where mixes I've been working on can be improved. I'm also shocked at how low they go, it sounds like there's a separate sub in the room! They're smooth and non-fatiguing even at higher volumes, and they seem to handle everything with ease.
My new RL944K arrived this week as well

I went for the "birdseye maple" version - I took this picture just after I unboxed them.

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