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Does Audiophilia's explanation of how their 'S System' works make you curious about their speakers?
The two paragraphs titled "How it works" represent some of the most outrageous nonsense (to be very polite) disguised as technical fact I have read in ages. Not a single sentence makes sense.

Audiofilia - AF-Speakers, High-end Loudspeakers

The text reminds me of Machina Dynamica which is targeted at audiophiles, not audio engineers.
Audio Tweaks, Damping, Vibration Isolation, Room Acoustics, Crystals
This is unbelievable.

"How It Works"
and the
"Why AF speakers don't mount drivers "flush" of the cabinet?"
paragraphs are the biggest, pseudoscientific BS if have ever read.

But then it makes perfect sense that they also haave the section
"Why Audiofilia don't publish graphs and measures of its speakers ?"

This is a borderline scam.