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Old 16th July 2015
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For just gigging, if you don't own plain old 58's your setting yourself up for a harder day then you need. I always start there. If the vocalist needs a better mic and has the proper mic technique I then pull out the 105 or an Beta87A (and if I have time during sound check). I only pull out the Beta58 if they want dual wedges and want it loud. Otherwise, I try to avoid it. It is hard to beat the sound of a 58. If you don't own any you need to.

I had an artist ask me once if I had any mics "that were more expensive" then the 58 and 57 they had in front of them. I responded with "yes", but tell me what you are hearing that you want to hear differently. They could not tell me what a "more expensive" mic would improve... so they stayed with the 57 and 58 that sounded great on them. Just because you can choose different mics does not mean you have to. If you know the talent you can get in there and have some fun (and do less work up front). However, if you have 30 minutes to bust out a 30 input sound check the 58 will always work. It might not be perfect, but it will do what you want it to do.