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Old 15th July 2015
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Quick update. I managed to pick up a secondhand Audio Technica ATM710 for a very low price. It was a mic I considered trying a while back but had forgotten about it.
Mic will be here on Friday and will be comparing it to Sennheiser E945, E935, E838, JZ HH1, Shure Beta 58, EV 767a and AKG D5.

I'd love a Sennheiser E965 and a friend of mine uses them but they really are out of my budget. The Telefunken M80 is really stretching my budget at £210. I'm already getting very respectable results with my current mics and don't think I can really justify spending around £200+ on mics. If I was running an L'Acoustics or D&B Audioteknik rig and pa was my full time job then fine but I think I'll stick to around £150 per mic.