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Old 14th July 2015
Ross Hogarth
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First off, I DO NOT master my own records
I find that would be like the surgeon operating on himself
I find that the great mastering engineers are like good makeup artists (not gain makeup only)
they make us look good
if we liked our original mixes I am not looking for the mastering engineer to remix my record with M/S, compression and eq
this drives me nuts
too much limiting for the loudness war makes me crazy
I like a good solid level and just the right touch of eq or compression or whatever voodoo you guys do
and then
its ready for primetime
I trust the handful of guys I work with and we communicate when something isn't just the way I want or expect
and thats wonderful because the communication is fluid
the list of the guys I love to work with is long but a few come to mind
Gavin Lurssen
Greg Calbi
Bob Ludwig
Bernie Grundman
Howie Weinberg
Dave McNair
Richard Dodd
Joe Gastwirt

to name a few ...