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Old 8th February 2007
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Saving Drumagog

What am I doing wrong? When I'm using Drumagog in a session I select that particular session folder, I then choose the .wav samples I want, tweak them, label it, then click 'Save GOG.' If I close the session then reopen it everything is OK. If I then open another song and insert Drumagog it won't work. I keep getting a "^ 0 Error" or the samples will load but not audio will play. Also on the Samples page it won't let me open the 'Groups' tab.

Would all of this stop if I just use the GOG folder as my main folder selection (instead of switching folders for each song)? I'm not quite sure if I've organized my GOG folder properly, though. I copied and pasted the .gog files into the GOG folder, and when I insert Drumagog on a track all of these .gog files come up in a long ole list on the main Drumagog page. I found it easier navigating through the .wavs when I could sort through the sample folders individually. It seems like I'm making this incredibly fu**ing complicated...