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Licensing Existing Music for Game

Hey all,

So me and a friend have been trying to start up a production company, mainly aiming at games as we have a few pals in the industry. We're slowly building contacts, doing a few little indie games etc. Recently we got in touch with a company making a "music" game (a Just Dance type thing) who want to use our band's music (which is separate to our production company.)

They initially suggested royalties as payment (they are only a small indie) but as I pointed out, there's almost no way of enforcing this without PRS or similar, and as far as I'm aware they don't deal with this kind of thing.

I'm considering suggesting an upfront fee, with a smaller amount initially, and then the rest upon release/publishing. Does that sound reasonable?

The next thing I need to worry about is pricing. Should I be looking at a similar cost to bespoke production music? (£200-500 per minute) bearing in mind while the band isn't hugely well known, the track has had a bit of Radio 1 airplay.

I'd appreciate your thoughts on the matter! I'm kind of on new ground here

Best wishes,