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Replacing those regulators won't solve your problem, for they are only feeding the desk only what the transformer is feeding them with.

If the transformer can only supply 3A at 24V, whether you put in there a 5A rated regulator or a 10A rated regulator is irrelevant. You'll still get 3 or less amperage at the output.

And furthermore, may be there is a pair of power transistor circuits in there that suppy the main current to the desk and the regulators only provide a reference voltage to them, so upgrading their current rate will not solve anything either.

Also there is no such thing as a 17V regulator IC. It is a non-standard voltage as far as fixed-voltage regulators are concerned. The circuit must have some other components in relation with the specs of that particular regulator IC to bias it down to that particular voltage, which means finding a drop-in replacement will surely be tricky, and you will have to tweak a few surrounding components to readjust it.

How do you know?

There are tons of different ways of designing a power supply.

The guy at the Sounddesk told you right. The regulators were fine, and probably will be so for a long time. It's just that your desk needs more juice than what you have in hand may supply and there is no other way than building one that will cut the mustard.

And sadly, such a thing costs.

So, yours is still a false economy, but good luck with your quest in electronics anyway. It's a joyful ride.

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